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A Saudi expatriate in Laxmipur gets Tk 10 lakh buying Walton fridge

A Saudi expatriate in Laxmipur gets Tk 10 lakh buying Walton fridge

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Mohammad Firoz, an expatriate in Saudi Arabia from Ledua village of Raypur Thana under Laxmipur district, got Tk 10 lakh through purchasing Walton-brand refrigerator under the local brand's prevailing offer titled 'Who will be today's millionaire.'
Md Firoz, who is serving a private firm as mechanical engineer in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, came home on a vacation for observing the Eid-ul-Azha with the family comprising his spouse, one son and one daughter. Of late, he purchased a refrigerator for his newly built village home from Mim Electronics, a distributor outlet at Raypur Bazar in Laxmipur.
Then, he registered the fridge with its bar code number, along with his name and mobile phone number, under the nationwide ongoing Walton digital campaign season-4. After a while, he received a message from Walton with the notification of awarding Tk 10 lakh for purchasing refrigerator under the digital campaign's millionaire offer.
Ariful Ambia, executive director of Walton Group, handed over a Tk 10-lakh-worth cheque to Frioz at a colourful programme arranged by Mim Electronics at Raypur Bazar in Laxmipur recently.
The event was attended, among others, by Zahid Hasan, area manager for Noakhali Zone of Walton Distributor Network, Noore Alam, manager of Walton Service Management System's Laxmipur Branch, Parvez Hossain, proprietor of Mim Electronics and other local dignitaries.
While expressing his reaction, Md Firoz said, "It's unbelievable. Feeling such a pleasure which could not be explained. For the first time in my life, I received any prize. The award worth of Tk 10 for buying a fridge is undoubtedly an unexpected and a big prize for me. Although I have been working in Soudi Arabia for over the last two decades, I could not even make savings of Tk 10 lakh. I am grateful to Walton."
Dwelling on preferring Walton brand fridge, Firoz said that he watched the advertisement of Walton products telecasted by different local TV channels in Saudi Arabia. From these advertisement, he knew that Bangladeshi brand Walton is manufacturing and marketing wide ranges of latest technologies' refrigerators with lucrative colours and designs. Then, he intended to purchase Walton fridge.
After coming Bangladesh, he found that all the families in his village home, including uncle's family, have been using Walton brand fridge and all of them are getting well services from those fridges, he noted adding, thus he also preferred Walton fridges.
Mentionable, Walton is making customers' database with the aim of providing best after sales services swiftly through online. In this context, they are conducting digital campaign season-4 across the country. To encourage the customers' spontaneous participation in the campaign, Walton has declared the offer titled 'Who will be today's millionaire' on July 1. Under the offer, more than 20 customers received Tk 10 lakh while a good number of customers got Tk 1 lakh, sure cash vouchers and various sorts of Walton products as free through registering their new refrigerators just after the purchase from any Walton Plaza or distributor outlet. The offer will be prevailed till September 30, 2019.

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