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‘Janatar Mancha’ fear and AL govt

‘Janatar Mancha’ fear and AL govt

After Nasim, it’s now Obaidul Quader. The Communications Minister on Thursday drained out his sufferings of failing not to sleep to newsmen as he is fed up with ‘queer lobbying.’ He, however, did not disclose what this was in fact. Possibly, such lobbying for ‘things’ might embarrass his mentor the Prime Minister. But being an insider of the government, he must have been aware of what usually befall the government of Hasina this time or earlier. A political person, Obaidul Quader said such lobbying has stole sleep from his eyes.
Nasim’s memory is legendary as his colleagues either in the Awami League or the government might have forgotten it. Although there is no more chance this time, the historic ‘Janatar Mancha’ (people’s dais) might be haunting Nasim and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Obviously informed about what is really happening in the Secretariat these days, Nasim warned that the bureaucrats who would not follow government directives would face dire consequences. The bureaucrats must comply with the government directives and work accordingly. If you do not follow directives, you need to face dire consequence, Nasim said adding that the civil servants who would not follow the directives would be ‘sent home forever.’
Nasim is fully conscious of his and others’ misdeeds of organising the ‘Janatar Mancha’ in front of the National Press Club. The Mancha had once crippled the then government of Khaleda Zia for three long days. The Janatar Mancha was the creation of Hasina and others and the memory of such an incident, unprecedented in other countries, might be working as a nightmare for the Awami League regime. It was the Janatar Mancha fear that had led the Prime Minister to flush out the activists of the Hefajat-e-Islam at a cost of blood either from injuries or from killings. She might have feared that the Hefajat sit-in might be like the Janatar Mancha and so let it be smashed even if there was a lot of blood-spilling.
Whether it is the Prime Minister or Nasim or Obaidul Quader, it is really true that they all will have to pay dearly for what they had done in the past in order to come or cling to power. The BNP has rightly described Nasim’s threat as an act of treason as he simply does not have any right to threaten the government officials. He has no authority whatsoever to issue the threat as he does not belong to the administration. Many civil servants by now have discussed among themselves the politician’s threat and termed it an ‘immature remark’ that could ‘send out a wrong signal to the civil servants’ and ‘sharpen the political division in the administration.’
At least 15 secretaries met the cabinet secretary and expressed concern about the remark of Mohammad Nasim. Five to six secretaries also met the law minister to convey their sentiment about the cancellation of the latest contempt law by the High Court. During the talks, the officials also expressed concern about Nasim’s remark.

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