Dhaka, Bangladesh
Spirit of sacrifice
By Nikhat Sattar
Spirit of sacrificeTHOUSANDS of years ago, our religious father Hazrat Ibrahim, driven by his love and submission   read more>>
The new 3Ps: Setting New Dimensions to Promotional Marketing
By A.S.M. Sabbir Hossein Khan
Background. The evolution of 4Ps and afterwards 3Ps has demonstrated   read more>>
Importance of China's long view approach
By Stephen S. Roach
A couple of months ago, while touring Jiangxi Province, Chinese   read more>>
Youth diplomacy in Saudi Arabia is empowered
By Alaa Ayesh Al-Majnuni
Youth diplomacy in Saudi Arabia is empoweredYoung people are playing an increasing number of significant roles in many countries today. Their   read more>>