Dhaka, Bangladesh
Red flows the Nile
By Prof. Sarwar Md. Saifullah Khaled
Red flows the NileEgypt the eyelash of the river Nile strewn with the   read more>>
The generals strengthen their hand
The Egyptian army is cementing its alliance with the non-Islamist public, writes Anwar Mehmood
IN DARK glasses and a medal-studded uniform, General Abdel Fattah   read more>>
The rice mountain
An increasingly unpopular government in Thailand sticks to its worst and most costly policy writes Afsarul Quader
The rice mountainIT HAS not been a happy second anniversary for the   read more>>
The Immortal Road King
Mark Tully remembers his days with the Ambassador
The Immortal Road KingI am delighted but not surprised to learn that the   read more>>