Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Denationalization of jute industry completes
Latest retrenched mill workers to get three months' wages, benefits soon
News Report: Denationalization of Bangladesh jute industry now completes with   read more>>
Wari under lockdown
Wari under lockdownThe residents of certain areas flagged as coronavirus red zones with high infection rates and   read more>>
Lockdown on all hotspots, antigen test prescribed
People avoid hospitals unless in dire state
Experts say as Bangladesh count 3114 new cases, 42 deaths
News Report: Many designated seats now lie vacant as people   read more>>
Flat, land reg costs cut
REHAB pleads for reducing other fees
News Report: Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB)   read more>>
The work of Metrorail remains suspended due to coronavirus. The snap was taken from Karwan Bazar area Friday – Photo: Star Mail   read more>>
Remittances decline by 1.42pc
News Report: The inflow of remittance declined by 1.42% to   read more>>
India shooting kills 8 police
News Desk: Eight Uttar Pradesh police personnel, including a circle   read more>>
Jean Castex France's new PM
PARIS, July 3: French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday named   read more>>