Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tragedy of Satkania stampede
Eleven women were killed and around twenty-five injured in a   read more>>
What others say
Where is the money
Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India,   read more>>
Comments & Analyses-I
China’s Muslim face Orwellian nightmare
By Peter Apps
China’s Muslim face Orwellian nightmareIn China’s northwest Xinjiang province, the predominantly Muslim Uighur minority have nowhere to hide. Facial   read more>>
Comments & Analyses-II
Zionist diplomacy left Palestinians powerless
By Fadi Esber
In Arab memory, the Nakba is synonymous with occupation, massacres   read more>>
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Backpack Midwife
Call the midwife in Nairobi, Kenya, and you may receive   read more>>