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What would Lincoln think of Trump?
Trumpís sense of history is as limited as his self-control. If we can deduce how Lincoln would perceive Trump, we can also surmise how he would advise Americans to handle him, writes Sidney Blumenthal
What would Lincoln think of Trump?Donald Trump has a sketchy relationship with Abraham Lincoln. ďGreat president,Ē Trump said. ďMost people   read more>>
Donít move resources from development
It is true that globalisation and technological progress together have been factors of increase of inequality. Eight persons in the world have as much wealth as half of the world population, writes Antůnio Guterres
Twenty years ago, when I was starting my functions as   read more>>
Off the track
Remarkable life of a doctor
Shigeaki Hinohara, one of Japanís most famous doctors, has died   read more>>
What others say
Erdoganís excesses
Last July, hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens hit the   read more>>