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CMSMEs are lifeline of economy

Experts have rightly pointed out that Cottage, Micro, Small and

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Get 3cr doses of corona vaccine for free

Cabinet decides regarding combat plan for second wave, mask drive tightened

News Report: The government decides to give 3 crore doses of vaccine initially to deserving people for free alongside tightening mask- use drive to contain spread of the coronavirus in Bangladesh amidst a second wave of the global pandemic. Such a decision comes from the cabinet while a number of a plethora of vaccine candidates are about to hit the market and medics are prescribing facemask use, hand sanitization and physical distancing as a better option for keeping the virus at bay while reopening is becoming irresistible for economic and livelihood realities. “Three crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines, which are being procured primarily, will be given to the people free of cost,” Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam told a news...  read more>>

Tax return time extended as many fail

Corona crunch deemed main cause

News Report: Government's revenue authority extended the deadline for submission  read more>>

Coronavirus pandemic will be gone in 2021

Vector Center chief forecasts

News Desk: The pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection will  read more>>

Bangladesh combats virus second wave

Daily corona cases spike to 2525 with 35 deaths

News Report: Bangladesh saw a spike in daily corona incidence  read more>>

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