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Welcome initiative: govt to build safe road network

It sent in a hope-raising message, of late, as Road

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Trailblazing in corona combat: UK okays Pfizer vaccine use

Few other vaccine candidates in queue

News Report: Britain became first western country to approve a covid-19 vaccine for general use, announcing Pfizer-BioNTech’s jab rollout from next week in a major advance for humanity’s fightback against the pandemic. The trailblazing development unravelled media streaming of breakthroughs on the medical front in the combat against the worst viral outbreak in a century since the 1918 Spanish flu that had taken a toll of 50 million lives, as back-on-back reports said China is going for 'large- scale' vaccination with its own brands of inoculations while the United States will start in days. A mere 12 months after the pandemic began in China, the UK’s independent medicines regulator gave its green light in double- quick time but insiste...  read more>>

Demand-driven self-employment schemes in Africa new avenue

S.Africa to recruit more Bangladeshis, trade prospects on the continent untapped

News Report: Undertaking demand-based self-employment schemes in the developing African  read more>>

Bangladesh daily corona casualties spike to 38

Country also counts 2198 fresh cases amid second wave

News Report: Bangladesh saw a spike in daily corona casualties  read more>>

Corona vaccines on mkt

Govt to procure vaccines directly

News Report: Now that some effective coronavirus vaccines are hitting  read more>>

Bangabandhu sculpture to be built in Ankara: Envoy

News Report:
Turkish Ambassador in Bangladesh Mustafa
Osman Turan Wednesday  read more>>

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US attorney general dismisses any decisive election fraud
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