Dhaka, Bangladesh

Girl power!

They are strong, invincible and super smart. It is almost 75 years now since the first hero began her fight against evil.

Superman, Batman and Spiderman have been around for decades. Can

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Hands up!

It's November and The Hindu Young World Quiz is back. And it's the 15th edition. So, are your fingers on the buzzer?

Ten thousand teams from over 2,500 schools and 19 cities

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Grandma hits a sixer

No birthday party, no pet, no musicÖthe list of 'No's was long. Would things ever get better for Rohan?

Rohan got down from his school bus and started walking

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Not so pretty now

The departure of "Beau" Blaise Compaorť in Burkina Faso has left a gaping hole, writes DR Mannan

MOST countries must wait a generation or more to see

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Powering down

Voters have chosen change, but America's political system makes that far too hard, writes Walter Winchell

FOR anyone interested in how a free society governs itself

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Wearing thin

Nawaz Sharif is weakening, and looks unable to improve relations with India, writes Amjad Khan
Wearing thin

IT IS a measure of how inured Pakistanis have become to violence that it takes an especially cruel a

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India and Bangladeshis visas

Thousands of Bangla-deshi citizens particularly students, teachers, tourists, businessmen, patients,

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Weak spot of brainís dementia identified

The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimerís disease and

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Comments & Analyses-II

Columbus didnít discover America

History books are wrong in their claims that the old name of New York was New Amsterdam. Most likely it must have been New Istanbul, I am just guessing, writes Abdulateef Al-Mulhim

Who really discovered America? As far as I know, it

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