Dhaka, Bangladesh

An Alaskan Volcano Erupts, Largely Out of View

For a mere flyspeck, Bogoslof Island has been causing quite a commotion recently.
An Alaskan Volcano Erupts, Largely Out of View

The island is the exposed summit of a volcano that sits in 6,000 feet of water in the Bering Sea abo

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Monkeys Could Talk, but They Don't Have the Brains for It

Monkeys Could Talk, but They Don't Have the Brains for It

Primates are unquestionably clever: Monkeys can learn how to use money, and chimpanzees have a knack

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Watch Saturn Shine on Friday, No Equipment Required

By Nicholas St. Fleur

Astronomically speaking, Mars and Mercury dominated May. But now that

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Iran: ascendant power

By Munir Akram

IT is remarkable that, despite three decades of extensive Western

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Exit Obama

Ashraf Jehangir Qazi
Exit Obama

EIGHT years ago, a frisson of excitement ran through the world as Obama became the first black man i

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An image to haunt Shahbaz Sharif

By Abbas Nasir

A FEW weeks ago, someone shot a video on a

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Looking to sun for electricity

According to experts, solar pipe light is an efficient and

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Adrift in Trumpís new century

Donald Trumpís inauguration as President of the United States represents a definitive break from the past; the long 20th century has now come to a close, writes Ana Palacio
Adrift in Trumpís new century

The late British historian Eric Hobsbawm famously called the period between Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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Americaís Russian hypocrisy

US must recognise Russia as a direct threat to global order, writes Nina Khrushcheva

I hate agreeing with Vladimir Putin, even a little. Russiaís

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City air poisonous

News Report The capital city Dhaka has become an unlivable place due to air pollution. The city is too dirty for a healthy living. Virtually the city management has been collapsed and there are no authorities to check the massive pollution. In recent years the problem is even more obvious in city like Dhaka, one of the fastest growing mega cities of the world, due to the unplanned urbanisation as well as expanding industrialisation. Study reveals that the unacceptable level of pollution of Dhaka city will lead to an unbearable livable condition within the next 10 years. Thus, Bangladesh has been ranked 169th out of 178 countries with worst urban air according to the Environmental Performance Index. People in Dhaka...  read more>>


PictorialStudents of different schools and madrashas say 'no' to early marriage showing  read more>>

Myanmar seeks time to solve Rohingya crisis

SINGAPORE, Jan 23: Myanmar's deputy defence chief on Monday urged  read more>>

Climate projects

No chance for locals: TIB

Local people do not get the scope to participate in  read more>>

AL leaders in fear: BNP

BNP senior leader Nazrul Islam Khan on Monday said Awami  read more>>

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Expectations low as Syria's warring sides meet for talks
ASTANA, Jan 23: Syria's warring sides met for talks for   read more>>
Two trucks torched for toll
Two trucks torched for tollRANGAMATI, Jan 23: Miscreants set afire two trucks in Betchhari area of Nannerchar upazila early Mon   read more>>
AL trying to make President controversial: Fakhrul
BNP on Monday alleged that Awami League leaders are trying   read more>>


697 MW renewable energy by 2019
The government has targeted to generate 697 MW electricity from   read more>>
Seven litterateurs get Bangla Academy Award
Seven personalities have been awarded with the Bangla Academy Shahitya   read more>>
Behrouze Ispahani passes away
Behrouze Ispahani passes awayMirza Ali Behrouze Ispahani, chairman of MM Ispahani Limited, a leading industrial conglomerate of t   read more>>


BB loosens borrowing rules for A type industries in EPZs/EZs
Bangladesh Bank (BB) has loosened short term foreign currency borrowing   read more>>
Sri Lanka president to probe controversial bond sale
COLOMBO, Jan 23: President Maithripala Sirisena ordered an investigation Monday   read more>>
Oil producers say output cut on track
VIENNA, Jan 23: Oil producers said Sunday that their landmark   read more>>


New Zealand wrap up 2-0 after Bangladesh implosion
New Zealand wrap up 2-0 after Bangladesh implosionCHRISTCHURCH, Jan 23: For the second time in successive Test matches, Bangladesh imploded in the sec   read more>>
Tamim takes blame for 'rubbish' Bangladesh against NZ
CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Jan 23: Bangladesh captain Tamim Iqbal branded   read more>>
Stokes, Woakes steer England
KOLKATA, Jan 23: Chris Woakes pulled off the Kolkata grandstand   read more>>

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Bangladesh is model of transparent EC: Hanif
KUSHTIA, Jan 23: Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam on   read more>>
Paying income tax for strengthening economy stressed
RANGPUR, Jan 23: Every eligible citizen should spontaneously pay income   read more>>
Responsive role in combating HIV/AIDS stressed
RAJSHAHI, Jan 23: Playing a responsible role by the society   read more>>

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White House vows to fight media
WASHINGTON, Jan 23: The White House vowed on Sunday to   read more>>
Exiled strongman Jammeh 'plundered' Gambia coffers
BANJUL, Gambia, Jan 23: Gambia's exiled strongman Yahya Jammeh plundered   read more>>
Trump invites Netanyahu for talks in February
JERUSALEM, Jan 23: US President Donald Trump on Sunday discussed   read more>>